R & D

ZIM's R&D Centre recognised by DSIR, GoI & approved by the Nagpur University for PhD Programs in Pharmaceutics consists of more than 70 scientists working to develop proprietary innovative process & platform technologies to overcome complex formulation challenges resulting in uniquely differentiated formulation products. The products developed to cover a wide range of therapeutic areas and incorporate both our process & product related IP for pelletization, taste masking, solvent-less processing, solubilisation, stability enhancement and oral film manufacturing.

Our Centre has more than 10 years of experience in formulation research & development using different techniques such as complexation, adduct formation, micro-emulsification, nano-sizing, co-crystallization, co-precipitation and miscellar solubilisation.

The Centre is well organised to produce constant innovation and new breakthroughs in formulation technology through its distinct functional teams including new product research (NPR) and new product development (NPD), ARDL, IP, RA, Project management, & Technology Transfer. Based on the research work undertaken in the R & D Centre, we have filed 11 patents, 156 dossiers in 20 countries with 80 more dossiers in pipeline, have registered 35 products & have published more than 15 papers in renowned National & International journals.